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Composite Innovations Ltd

Radford, Woodside


PL4 8QE, UK.


Is a specialist composites engineering design consultancy.

We are currently working with some of the biggest global players in the composites industry - take a look at our list of clients.

The company offers a distinctive range of specialist engineering and design services, these are not just aimed at the Composites Industry, but also to other creative and innovation sectors. Our clients come from several industry sectors... from medical through to wind energy. We can offer you a range of technical services...

In short we like a challenge... come to us with something seemly impossible and we will work hard with you to solve it. With a particularly strong and practical background in composites manufacture and composite engineering science, rest assured that you will be served with the best of both worlds. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with your enquiry.

Composite Innovations Ltd...

FSCS Composites

University of Glasgow





Composite Innovations offer you the complete solution from the ground up. We’ll design your component and develop the best way to make it with you.

We can work closely with you or we’ll go away with your brief and come back to you with the answer - you chose, we are flexible. Have a look through our recent projects here...

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