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Recent Projects...

Composite Innovations Ltd has completed a variety of challenging technical composites projects some of which are described here. Some significant projects are omitted under client non disclosure. We will keep adding to this page to please look back regularly...

Click on a project below for more details (some are still to get their own page)

Recent Projects...

Kayak for Olympic Silver Medalist Dave Florence

Carbon yacht spreader ends

Carbon boarding steps for a fast RIB

Process development for large resin infused wind turbines

Infusion & Specialist Manufacture...

Manufacture of aerospace carbon test panels with single part epoxy.

Specialist thick laminates by vacuum infusion

Precision moulding by RTM


Training courses


FEA projects

Analysis of Failed Composite Structures ...

Other Manufacturing Projects ...

Revolutionising surfboard construction.

Composite propellers for small boats

Process development for latest generation of foiling dinghies.

Electron microscopy

Forensic analysis of a large race boat spar failure.

Several DMTA projects